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geeky stuff

[] Get some geek toys at Think Geek

[] There are a variety of computer operating systems that I've worked with over the years. Currently, a version of Ubuntu is used for my desktop operating system and Debian for my servers. I switched from opensuse years ago. I also use versions of Microsoft Windows and other operating systems.

[] As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains momentum it has gained my interest. Several Raspberry Pi computers run a variety of tasks in my home.

[] I have a technician class amateur radio license and enjoy working with wireless technologies.

[] And some day I will be proficient with the Python programming lanuage.

sustainable living or $ustainable living?

Going "green" is like losing weight, it's a lifestyle change that takes commitment. And like most New Years resolutions, most people give up because it's too hard.

[] Ed Begley, Jr. wrote a book titled "Living like Ed, A Guide to the Eco-friendly Life" that was inspiring. Look for it at your local library. I'm not a tree hugger, but his strategy is easy to follow...pick the low hanging fruit first, or the easiest and least expensive changes to make towards a sustainable lifestyle. As an example, since 2009 I have been using a push reel mower, which means no gas, oil, spark plugs, or broken pull cords, along with other manual tools on about half of my yard. It's more work compared to gas or electric tools, but it's also great exercise.

[] Rain barrels are an easy way to get and store fresh water for my plants. I have several cisterns that are used to supply water for my plants when it's warm enough.

[] Gardening is my at-home therapy. I grow veggies mainly in containers, and herbs in the landscaping. There is nothing like digging in the dirt and eating some damn tasty food. Heirloom tomatoes are a favorite crop.

[] Ride a bike. I've discovered that I can ride my bike to local stores in relativily short time, not much more than the amount of time it takes to drive and park. So, I may be sweating a little when I get there, profusely if it's hot, but it's great exercise.

[] Convenience, get over it. At least some of it. On my journey towards the goal of living a more sustainable lifestyle I've discovered that some conveniences can be given up without too much pain. And this makes it easier to move onto the next low hanging fruit. There's also nothing like an occasional absense of something as a reminder of its convenience, such as modern plumbing and electricity.

[] For most people green is more than just saving the Earth, it's about the green in their pocket. Do some research before jumping on the green wagon and you'll keep the green in your pocket rather then spending it on some new fad item. Think renewable and frugal: the library, recycling, freecycle, and buying to last. Make small changes. It really does get easier.

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